7 Best Gyuto Knives of 2021 Review with Buying Guide

Are you looking for a knife that is truly versatile and multi-functional? Then, Gyuto- the fabulous Japanese Chef’s knife can be the right choice for you. The best Gyuto knife offers the benefits of both strong Japanese steel and stunning Western style. The all-purpose blade edge of this type of knife can cut practically any kind of food for your convenience.  More specifically, it is compatible with almost all types of cutting motions, including dicing, slicing, chopping, and mincing. So, interested to invest in one? This Gyuto knife review will guide you to choose the perfect one easily and smoothly. … Read More

The 9 Best Japanese Knife Block Sets of 2021 Review

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10 Best Carving Knives for Turkey in 2021 (Ultimate Guide)

Small paring or utility knife, a chef’s or a serrated knife has the potential to ruin your big roast whenever you’re carving or slicing it. So, to carve and serve big roasts like turkey, you need a top-notch carving knife that calms your carving jitters. That’s a real lifesaver! Buying the best knife for carving turkey isn’t an easy task as there are either full bread knives, cheaply made or very expensive. Don’t panic! We put together a list of the best carving knife for turkey with excellent features and prices. Hope, this will help you find the right one … Read More

Top 9 Best Serrated Utility Knives of 2021

Are you considering investing in a serrated utility knife, but not sure which one to get? Then, this review will help you. It’s not easy to pick the best serrated utility knife out of many in today’s hot cutlery market. Here you go! In this serrated utility knife review, we’re going to introduce you to 9 sought-after models that you could consider this year. Let’s have a closer look at these 9 top-rated useful knives. Our Top Picks – Comparison Chart In a rush? Be sure to check out the important specs of our recommended 9 best-serrated knives that we … Read More

7 Best Nakiri Knives in 2021 Review and Top Picks

Are you a big lover of soups, salads, herbs and other vegetables or fruit dishes? Want to slice your vegetables with precision and make veggie prep easy after coming home from a busy, hectic schedule at the office.? Then, the nakiri knife can be the best option for you. This type of knife is exclusively made for chopping fruits and veggies. But which is the best nakiri knife? There are many brands and models available. So purchasing the right one can be confusing. No worry! Here is our expert recommended top seven models that you should consider before making a … Read More

9 Best Chef Knives Under $200 in 2021 Review

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9 Best Wooden Magnetic Knife Holders of 2021

This guide is all about the 9 best wooden magnetic knife holders that you can get in 2021. Want to keep all your favorite knives and other tools on display at all times and within arm’s reach? Searching for knife block sanitation benefits? Then, a magnetic knife stand or holder or strip is definitely a good solution! A knife holder with magnet offers you several added benefits. Most importantly, it’ll keep your knives sanitize all the time. Knives aren’t drooped into damp, bacteria-filled slots, as is the case with conventional blocks. But why should you choose a wooden holder? For … Read More

8 Best Self Sharpening Knife Sets – Worth Buying in 2021

Any knife will get dull with time! But, constantly sharpen it with stones, sharpening rods or electric sharpener is a huge deal. So, do you want that your knives will stay sharp always without having to sit down and sharpen the blade individually? If “YES,” then a knife block set with self-sharpening technology is the ideal choice for you. A knife block set is an excellent way to have the right knife, for the right cut, always in reach. But having the best self sharpening knife set is one of the fastest ways to get all your blades of the … Read More

8 Best Whetstone Knife Sharpeners for Unprecedented Level of Control

If you’re among them who feel that hand-sharpening is best, this whetstone knife sharpener review is written for you. For anyone who is willing to invest a bit of time in the honing process, sharpening stone is the best option for them. But what are the best whetstone knife sharpeners? You’ll find out here. You’ve done countless hours of research trying to find the right sharpener for your knife and cutting-edged tools…. haven’t you? Oh hell, never mind – we did it for you! Enjoy our roundup of the very best kitchen knife sharpener in 2021 and beyond! 8 Top-rated … Read More

7 Best Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpeners for Effortless, Consistent Results

Don’t you just hate it when your kitchen knives no longer deliver precise cuts due to dull blade? If the answer is YES, then you need to invest in a knife sharpener. A sharpening stone or a whetstone is a great way to sharpen the blunt blade edge, but it’s time-consuming and needs a lot of patience and practice to get the edge perfect. However, if you want to keep your blade sharp without much effort, an electric kitchen knife sharpener is the perfect option for you. But shopping for the best electric kitchen knife sharpener can be downright annoying. … Read More

Best Fillet Knife for Walleye – Fast and Easy Cleaning Tool

Are you looking for the easiest way to fillet walleyes with least effort and with the minimal amount of waste? If so, this guide is for you. Walleye is one of the best-tasting fishes in the world. Unfortunately, some people feel it challenging while cleaning the fish, due to those Y and lateral-line bones of this species. If you landed on this page, you’re probably one of those people. However, you can make things easy and quick by getting the best knife for Walleye for effortless filleting. But wondering which will be the best fillet knife for Walleye? Our fillet … Read More

Best Sashimi Knife – For Beautiful, Thin, and Precise Slice of Fillet

Need a sashimi knife for making Japan’s greatest delicacy at home? Sashimi, a traditional Japanese food, is a dish where presentation is just as important as taste. But you need a good quality knife for sashimi that can cost quite a bit of money. And picking out the best sashimi knife (called “Yanagi Ba” in Japanese) for your uses can be a little daunting. Don’t worry. We drew up a list of 10 models that may help you to find the right one. Stay along with this sashimi knife review to get all the nitty-gritty of each model. Editor’s Choice … Read More

Best Tomato Knife – Choose Yours among the Best Brands

“Softer fruit is harder to slice”. This is especially true for tomatoes or other tough-skinned fruits and veggies that have soft interiors. Unfortunately, even a sharp regular kitchen knife may squash your favorite ripe tomatoes, grapes or cherry while slicing. This is where the tomato slicer knife comes into action. This kitchen accessory is indispensable for producing precise and clean cut of tomatoes and other fruits that have thinned skin with juicy pulp. We’ve selected 10 best-selling models for the best tomato knife that will surely make your vegetable preparation effortless. These knives have been specifically designed to slice tomatoes … Read More

Best Oyster Shucking Knife – 10 Top Choices for Shucking Like a Real Pro in No Time

For the seafood lover, nothing pairs better with palm trees and champagne than a fresh oyster. Unfortunately, they are quite pricey at raw bars and restaurant. Shucking this seafood at home can save you a small fortune. The best oyster restaurant in town can be at your table. YES, it’s possible if you have the best oyster shucking knife for a pain free shucking experience at home. Shucking fresh oysters isn’t that difficult. However, it’s all about having the right knife, specially made for shucking the oysters to reach the meat with ease. So, what are the best oyster shuckers? … Read More

9 Top Choices for the Best Serrated Steak Knife – Quality All The Way

Want to avoid the annoyance of frequently honing your steak knives? Then, serrated knife is the way to go. Who doesn’t love the flavorful piece of steak to his/her mouth? But a steak knife with a dull blade can spoil all your enjoyment. Serrated blades stay sharper longer than straight edges and make it easy to cut through crusty cuts like bread and roasts. Also, you can use your serrated steak knives even when the blade is dull. That’s right! In this review, we’ve selected 9 top-rated models of the best serrated steak knife set that would make you wonder … Read More

5 Choices for the Best Cordless Electric Knife – Why They are Worth It

Hate to get stuck with the cable of the corded electric knife in the middle of your serious carving or slicing tasks? Are you looking for an alternative? Well, you’re in luck! A wireless electric knife is definitely a kitchen appliance to help you out. This product is extremely convenient because it doesn’t require any connection to a power outlet, no cord to get tangled up. What’s more, they’re extremely portable. Nevertheless, the big question remains…  What is the best cordless electric knife? We’re going to give you the answer right away. On this in-depth cordless electric knife review, you’ll … Read More

5 Top Choices for Best Electric Bread Knife – (Quality Matters)

Wondering how to cut hot bread without mashing it? Or how to get very thin, even sandwich slices with either hot or cooled bread? Bread isn’t too tough to cut. But you probably understand the drawbacks of uneven slices in your hand! Don’t panic; An electric bread knife is a handy accessory that offers greater accuracy and control than their traditional counterparts. However, shopping for the best electric bread knife can be downright annoying as there are hundreds of options on the market. No worry: We have rounded up 5 top choices to make your shopping experience a breeze. Let’s … Read More

Best Electric Fish Fillet Knife – 8 Top choices to Automate the Whole Process of Cutting

Had it been challenging for you to handle fish cleaning and cutting process? Looking for a convenient way for filleting large volumes of different fish faster, better, and with less effort? Then, it’s time to take the hard work out with an electric fillet knife to make the whole process of cutting fish easy. But, shopping for the best electric fish fillet knife is downright annoying. There are hundreds of options on the market, and the choices may overwhelm you. Worry less! In this roundup and buying guide, we’ve selected 8 best-rated models for 2021. We’ve evaluated all products based … Read More

8 Best Electric Carving Knives of 2021

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The 10 Best Carving Knife and Fork Sets – Choose the Perfection in 2021

Want to carve your dish like turkey, ham, or chicken roasts to perfection without breaking a sweat? Then, a good carving set is the specific gear for the most part. Whether it’s a holiday meal, Sunday dinner or special gathering with family and friends -every special dinner party in your home deserves the right piece of cutlery, especially when you make large dishes. Carving your lamb, beef, ham, turkey or geese pot roast on a spiked tray is quite challenging if you don’t have the right carving set. But which is the best carving knife and fork set to get … Read More

Best Knife for Cutting Raw Meat 2021 – 10 Choices for Every Budget and Need

What is the best knife for cutting raw meat? You’ll find out there. Is it chewy or boney meat? Or is it delicate meat like fish? Cutting uncooked meat is not an easy task. But when you’ve got the right knife, you can make it manageable and even enjoyable to some degree. While many knives are good for butchering, boning, trimming and slicing, it can be hard to know which model to choose for all the types of meats. No worry! The experts of our team have done all of the in-depth research and testing on raw meat-cutting knives. So, … Read More