8 Best Whetstone Knife Sharpeners for Unprecedented Level of Control

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If you’re among them who feel that hand-sharpening is best, this whetstone knife sharpener review is written for you.

For anyone who is willing to invest a bit of time in the honing process, sharpening stone is the best option for them.

But what are the best whetstone knife sharpeners?

You’ll find out here.

You’ve done countless hours of research trying to find the right sharpener for your knife and cutting-edged tools…. haven’t you?

Oh hell, never mind – we did it for you!

Enjoy our roundup of the very best kitchen knife sharpener in 2022 and beyond!

8 Top-rated Whetstone Knife Sharpeners – Comparison chart

Here’s a quick comparison chart showing the top-rated whetstone sharpener for knife. We’ll cover each aspect of these models in the reviews section below, but this quick chart will give you an idea of what’s available and an easy way to compare them.

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Our Recommended 8 Best-Selling Whetstone Knife Sharpener Reviews 2022

You know the most dangerous knife in the kitchen is a dull one. A dull knife slows you down, and it’s only a matter of time until you badly cut yourself.

We hope this list of the top whetstone knife sharpener will improve your cutting experience, effectiveness and safety by keeping your knives and tools sharp.

Let’s get on to the list of the best kitchen knife sharpener on the market for you to consider.

1. Sharp Pebble Premium Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone, 8541909078

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The Sharp Pebble 8541909078 is a complete knife sharpening kit. It’s a simple yet unparalleled tool used by everyone from the home user to professionals.

It’s a professional-grade double-sided knife sharpener stone made from aluminum oxide. Spec-wise, this whetstone offers 1000 grit and 6000 grit.

1000 grit put a sharpened edge to your blade. On the other hand, 6000 grit helps your blade to achieve super-fine finishing to refine the edge.

Anyway, it can sharp any blade, including cleaver, scissor, chisel, hunting knives, and pocket knives. It can even sharp an axe.

You can maintain the correct angle and safely apply consistent pressure while sharpening the blade. Thanks to its knife sharpening angle guide.

No worry, it’s highly durable & long-lasting.

Easy to assemble and extremely user-friendly!

It uses water for sharpening. So, you don’t need to use expensive sharpening/ honing oil. Moreover, there won’t create any MESS while sharpening. Conveniently, you can clean it easily by using water.

No slip, no accident!

This tool features Silicone base for holding the stone, hand-crafted bamboo base and non-slip rubber base. This set up keeps the stone fixed in one place while sharpening. 


  • Sharpen a wide range of blade and tools
  • Razor-sharp results
  • Non-slip, safe to use
  • Easy-to-use, maintain and clean
  • No sharpening oil needed
  • Premium-quality materials and long-lasting
  • Instruction manual & detailed eBOOK included


  • Wears quickly

2. Finew Knife Sharpening Stone Kit

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Finew is one of the complete knife sharpening kits that can satisfy all the sharpening needs of your family.

Sharped, polished, smooth and bright blade edge!

This four-sided grit water stone is versatile enough to sharpen all kinds of flat blades. It offers 400/1000 and 3000/8000 grits that makes it the perfect kit for professional and passionate home cooks.

The 400/1000 grit wet stone is perfect for sharpening dull knives whereas the 3000/8000 grit wet stone refines the edge.

No matter, it’s a high-end model or cheap kitchen knife, this Sharpener Stone can sharpen it like new. Of course, you can also sharp scissors, Axe, razor, chisel or even Machete.

You’ll be a professional sharpening master in a short time!

Are you amateur? No worry, it’s the best set for you to get started even if you have never sharpened or honed any knife.

You don’t need any to spend on expensive sharpening oil. Just soak the stone in water for 10 minutes and achieve an excellent sense of accomplishment in this sharpening process!

Made from professional grade Corundum, the grit is not only precise but also very durable. It’s also safe to use. The non-slip bamboo base keeps the stone safely in place while sharpening. Moreover, the angle guide holds the knife on the right angle for effective sharpening.

It also includes leather strop that helps to polish the knife and removing burr.    

Overall, Finew Professional Whetstone Sharpener Stone is an awesome kit; all you need to sharpen any knife!


  • Professional grade and elegant
  • Well-made and built to last
  • Includes all the sharpening tools
  • Simple to use
  • Easy clean-up


  • No instructions come with the set for using the stones

3. KnifePlanet Knife Sharpening Stone Set, S41

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KnifePlanet S41 is a 6-piece complete knife sharpening set that you need to sharpen your knives at home.  It offers coarse, medium and fine grit to sharpen all non-serrated and non-ceramic blades with ease.

Not only sharpen but also refine even the bluntest edges!

With a total of 4 grits (two double-sided stones), you’ll be able to put a sharp edge on very dull knives and tools without a problem.

The 400/1000-grit raises the burr and sharpens the edge of the blade. Then, the fine 3000/8000-grit stone polish and perfect the knife.

Flattening high-density stone helps to keep your whetstone perfectly flat and ready to use in just minutes for a flawless sharpening experience.

Safety concern?

The included two rubber bases and an anti-slip bamboo stone holder minimize your risk of hazardous slips.

In essence, a true professional’s sharpening set for the price. Totally worth it!


  • Noticeable durability and high-density of the grit
  • Sharpens all non-serrated and non-ceramic blades
  • Great for shaping, sharpening, and polishing
  • Simple but effective
  • Thicker, wider and longer


  • Fast wear rate compared to the equally stone

4. Three Way Cut Knife Sharpening Stone Kit

[amazon box=”B06ZYGQFS3″ template=”vertical”]

Three-Way Cut Premium Knife Sharpening Stone Kit is the combination of quality and beauty that makes it inexpensive yet useful.

This whetstone is suitable to sharpen multi-tools- chisel, kitchen knife, hunting knife, axe, scissors and more. Its 7.25″ long, 2.25″ wide and 1″ thick stone will give you the ability to sharpen the blades of various sizes.

The high-quality alumnum oxide stone is durable enough for the coarsest and thickest of blades.


The 6000 grit is perfect for polish and finishes honing the blade. And the coarse 1000 grit side re-profiles damaged or worn knife edges. Conveniently, it includes an angle guide that helps to maintain the correct angle, which is especially good for an amateur.

The bamboo base is very elegant that adds a good looking to your kitchen. Of course, it is anti-slip for stability and making the sharpening process safe. Moreover, the black rubber base prevents from stone to move during the sharpening process for the safe and convenient process.

Finally, it includes a flattening stone that helps to maintain the sharpening stone surface flat.

In the summery, we can say this Whetstone is a must-have product in every house for bringing back the edge of the knife and other tools.


  • Great grit for sharpening and finish honing
  • Simple to use and doesn’t require any physical effort
  • Extremely safe and more effective
  • Decent price point


  • No how-to manual included

5. Love This Kitchen Premium Dual Whetstone Knife Sharpener, LTK-SHARP-10-60

[amazon box=”B06XX7TNVZ” template=”vertical”]

Love This Kitchen LTK-SHARP-10-60 is more than a whetstone!

It’s a premium-quality, high-performing, industrial-grade Whetstone Knife Sharpener, great for beginners and Chefs alike.

Whether it’s a stainless steel kitchen knife or expensive sushi knife, this stone will fine-tune any blade, scissors, chisel, pocket knife, etc.

Made of the finest Aluminum Oxide, this wet stone is at the top of the line knife sharpening stone that is designed for years of use! So, you won’t need anything else to keep your knives in prime shape for years to come.

Multipurpose grit gives the blade an effective finish ideal for all tasks!

This kit includes a Japanese grit 1000 side that brings the dullest blade edge in shape. Furthermore, the 6000 side is ideal for polishing blades to razor sharpness.

Larger than any other competitor!

With 8.25″ x 2.75″ dimension, this stone is 40% larger than the competitors. So, you’ll finish the sharpening job faster and less effort!

Dual angle case!

It comes in patented, exclusive and adjustable dual-base plastic enclosure!

The exclusive dual base design of the plastic box helps the beginners as well as the experts to get the best results. You can use it flat if you’ve mastered thecorrect sharpening angle. Again, you can rotate the box lid to get a 15% angle which is the basis for a sharp edge.

Of course, it has a non-slip bottom for a safe sharpening experience.

No worry! The plastic box is sturdy with holes at the bottom. So, unlike the wooden base, it won’t get moldy due to moisture.

Along with the wet stone, you’ll get a flattening stone that ensures the sharpening surface always remains flat.


  • Perfect for both beginners and experts
  • Faster and better sharpening results
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • 40% larger surface to adapt to all kinds of knives;
  • No expensive and messy oil is necessary
  • No wood or bamboo accessories that could grow mold
  • Plastic box for easy holding and storing
  • Instructions Manual and video tutorial included


  • No significant issue found

6. Whetstone Cutlery 20-10960 Knife Sharpening Stone

 [amazon box=”B0055B2RGO” template=”vertical”]

If you’re looking for an affordable whetstone for sharpening your knives, then this is it.     

It’s a dual-sided water stone that comes with a 400-grit side and a 1000-grit side. The 400-grit side brings back the edge to its original shape and 1000- grit side smooths and polishes the cutting edge.

It’s a multi-use tool!

You can use it as a one-stop-shop for any item you want to sharpen and polish. You can even use it for axes, hatchets, gardening and carving tools.

No expensive honing oil needed!

Simply soak the stone in water for 5 to 10 minutes before use. You can use additional water to lubricate as needed when sharpening.

This honing tool will last for years to come. Thanks to its durable green silicon carbide construction.

Overall, it’s a great stone at a fantastic price.


  • Hone, finish and polish
  • Accurate grit rating
  • Offers razor-sharp finish blade
  • Very nice feel for an inexpensive stone
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Affordable price


  • It doesn’t come with any user manual.

7. KING KW65 1000/6000 Grit Combination Whetstone, 3684

[amazon box=”B001DT1X9O” template=”vertical”]

KING KW65 is an awesome sharpening stone for everyday/casual use!

King Waterstones are recognized for their quality and affordability. And this model is no different.

It’s made in Japan whose quality is almost close to the natural whetstone. It’s very durable and long-lasting. You can use this stone for sharpening general kitchen knives, stainless steel cutlery and pointed carver.

Two stones in one!

It features whetstone on both sides. One side is 1000 that helps to sharpen the dull blades. The other side is 6000, which helps finish sharpening. Make your knife as sharp as you want and easily cut hard meat or any other kitchen item!

Finally, it comes with a sturdy, non-slip plastic base. It holds the stone well and sits nicely and stably on the countertop.

In the bottom lines, if you have the experience to freehand sharpen, this will be an amazing tool for you.


  • Exceptional sharpening results
  • Great for reestablishing an edge with a mirror finish
  • Last a very long time
  • Comes well-packed
  • Reasonably priced


  • It’s just the stone and base; no flattening stone included.
  • Not good for the beginner; it takes time to master.

8. Culinary Obsession Knife Sharpening Stone, CUL-MN-W01

[amazon box=”B018WF88R6″ template=”vertical”]

Culinary Obsession CUL-MN-W01 is a one-of-a-kind professional-quality combination grit whetstone. It guarantees to make your kitchen knives sharpen than the day you bought them.

It’s is the boss of all sharpeners!

This Double-Sided Knife Sharpening Whetstone features 1000/6000 Grits.

Perfect for any size knife or other household tool

It’s the best honing stone on the market. With 9 x 4.3 x 2.6 inches dimensions, it’s big enough for even the longest kitchen knife.

Whether it’s an expensive Wusthof or just a cheap stainless steel knife, this stone will fine-tune it easily. Moreover, it works for sharpening scissors, a chisel, pocket knives, axe, paring knives, fillet knives, butcher knives, and much more.

The non-slip silicone on the bottom of the base prevents the block from sliding around.

Most importantly, it undergoes a most extensive third party inspection to ensure consistency and perfection.

 You can try one out today completely risk-free!

With 1-year no-risk 100 % money-back guarantee and world-class customer service, there is no reason why you should not invest in this whetstone.

To sum it up: Culinary Obsession sharpening stone is truly a MUST-HAVE for every household! You’ll wonder why you didn’t buy this amazing tool years ago!


  • Easy enough to use for a Home Cook
  • Sharpens quickly and efficiently
  • Sharpening oil not necessary
  • Illustrated PDF and video instructions included
  • Quality inspected by 3rd party company
  • 1-year warranty & risk-free money-back guarantee
  • Great customer service


  • No drawbacks for the price

Whetstone Knife Sharpener Buying Guide

To bring the blades back to life, these eight above-reviewed models for knife sharpener are best.

But which one will best meet your needs?

Whetstones are available in different designs, grits and sizes. They also differ in price ranges.

So, to make a wise buying decision, you have to consider some factors.

Let’s learn them.

Whetstone Design

A sharpening stone may come with the one-sided or dual-sided design. One-sided sharpening stones are perfect for quick touch-ups, but a double-sides one will give you extra versatility. You can use one side for honing and the other side for polishing and finish the edge.

Choose among the whetstone types

Four types of sharpening stones are available in the market. These are water stones, oil stones, diamond stones and ceramic. Each type has advantages and disadvantages.

Water stones:

  • Very easy to use than other types
  • Not as messy to work with as an oil stone
  • No oil or expensive oil required for sharpening
  • Deliver fast sharpening results
  • Affordable and cost-effective

Oil sharpening stones:

  • Make your knife crazy sharp and nice shinny
  • Can be messy and a slower process at sharpening or honing a blade
  • Expensive than water stones

Ceramic Stones

  • Ideal for chefs or cooks who have limited working spaces
  • No water or oil required
  • Can be used almost anywhere
  • Offers very sharp edge and maintain it over the long-term
  • Not very effective for a deep blunt edge
  • Very soft and prone to break if you drop the stone

Diamond Stones

  • Creates a very hard, long-lasting, coarse and flat surface
  • Works very well for all kinds of knives
  • Best for the outdoor use
  • Not a good choice to sharpen cutting tools
  • The most expensive option among all stones

Considering all the goods and bads of each type, choose which one is right for you.

Grit Range

Sharpening stone’s success lies in its grit ranges. It’s the main and important factor as it helps to produce a new sharp edge of the blade. When it comes to grit range, it starts as low as 200 and as high as 8000.

  • Coarse grit (200 to 800): it’s the primary level and helps to remove the blunt blade edge quickly.
  • Medium grit (800 to 1500): It helps to provide a nice polish after the coarse grit.
  • Fine grit (higher than 1500): It’s the final and top-level for a sharpening stone. It gives the knife-edge finest finishing and polishing.

If you need to repair knife with the chipped edge, go for grit less than 1000 grit.

To sharpen dull knives, 1000 to 3000 grit is excellent. For finishing and refining an edge, opt for 4000 to 8000 grit.

Stone Base

For safe and easy use, you should take into consideration the stone base. A non-slip base will make your sharpening process safe by preventing the stone from sliding around.

Stones may come with different base construction such as hardwood, bamboo, plastic or rubber.

Hardwood and bamboo bases look nice, but they won’t last long and are prone to get mold if they get wet.

Plastic bases can be used around water. And a rubber base is good for stability.

Angle guide

An angle rule will help you to support and hold the blade at the right angle for effective and quick sharpening. Moreover, it also helps to prevent an accident. If you’re beginners, opt for a sharpening stone that comes with angle guide.


Although sharpening stones are more labor-intensive than the electric sharpeners, they allow you an unprecedented level of control.

Once you get used to any of these best whetstone knife sharpeners, you may never take out other sharpening tools again.

So, why are you still sitting back?

Pick any model from our top-list that best for your budget and knives and keep those dull blades performing at their best!

No more dull knives or cutting-edged tools!