You can reach us by mail

info at knifeguardian dot kom

Please note:

  • We apologize in advance for not responding to your requests for product recommendations.  We simply get too many requests to be able to respond to them all.  I know it sounds harsh but it would take a good part of our day just responding to all the emails asking for recommendations.  We’d rather use that time creating more awesome content and making sure our buyer’s guides are up-to-date.
  • Knife manufacturers – you are welcome to send us samples for review but please understand that all our reviews are honest and fair.  So are happy to review your product and give it exposure to our visitors but please don’t expect any favoritism in our reviews.
  • As a general rule we do not review crowdfunded (e.g. Kickstarter, IndieGogo) products which are not available for sale to the general public
  • We do accept advertising requests but only if the products meet our own high standards and guidelines.  We will not advertise junk.

Below are some of the fine brands we work with.